The Honest Trailer for E.T. tramples all over your childhood memories

If you have rose-tinted memories of watching E.T. as a child, maybe look away now, because the Honest Trailer might just ruin that for you.

It’s a little NSFW.

Seriously, though – what’s Mac and Me?

“A stranded alien stalks a child, forges a physical and emotional link without his consent, and puts him through unfathomable pain unless he helps him go home.”

Er ..yes. That’s exactly what happens. WTF!

We can’t believe they compared the lovely E.T to Salad Fingers.

Oh …


Anyway, here’s what YouTube users thought of it.

Can’t believe I was tricked into watching a Mac & Me honest trailer

This movie is so good that they had to make fun of mac and me instead.
Cinema Critic Reviews

Pre-watch: How will they approach this? This Film has achieved Divine status.
Post-watch: OK. I did not see that coming.


Still …Salad Fingers.

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