If you’re having a bad day it could be worse, you could be this Swedish guy missing a train

It’s annoying enough when you miss the train, but downright infuriating when you miss it by literally one second or two.

Except we’ve never been as downright furious as this Swedish chap.

A Swedish man missing his train. from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

Word has it he was caught in the background of a news report being filmed by a Swedish TV crew (although others beg to differ).

‘Poor guy. This is the face of a man who already had so much bullshit happen to him that day that missing his train was probably the last straw.’ TheZomboi

‘He didn’t so much as die inside as his soul evacuated his body.’ Moggy-Man

‘I’m pretty sure that was a demon entering his body actually.’ WritingOnCoattails

‘In Britain we casually pretend we didn’t want to catch the train in the first place. No one knows why we do this but it’s universal.’ sanctimoniousbug



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Source Reddit u/Flexisisboss