‘George doesn’t realise he can’t scratch his ear while lying down’

If you only watch one funny cat video this week …

George doesn’t realize he can’t scratch his ear while lying down from r/aww

And a few of our favourite things people said about it …

‘The look he gives his foot is brilliant. “Don’t even think about it” Begins kicking himself, “God Damn”’ xReyjinx

‘I can’t believe how many times he bounced his head off the cushion from kicking his face! I love George.’ BrownSugarBare

‘Christ, I’m dying over here. Every time he kicks his stupid little face I’m in hysterics. Bless his little heart.’ Never_relevant_man

‘Then getting irritated and biting his own damn foot like that’s gonna solve the problem. Oh, man.’ JohnProof

‘Why u hitting your self.’ FaoLOr64

‘Rogue leg detected.’ 95MK


‘When you realise the dogs are fighting over a stuffed animal that looks just like you’

Source Reddit u/The-Desi-Girl