Comeback of the day

You’re probably thinking there are a few things wrong with this suggestion that people who haven’t died of Covid-19 should thank God. That 1.6m number for a start.

But that’s not all, and it prompted the most savage of responses, as shared by tupangina on Reddit.


And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘The total number of recorded deaths is actually in the range of 640,000 by every source – just for the sake of accuracy.
Also yes, I understand that not all deaths are recorded, I simply wanted to clarify the 1.6mil.’ NSFW_porn_posts

‘Thanks for killing 600k people.’ DXT0anto

‘Why would I thank God i didn’t go out of the house and near people.’ joskabacsi27

‘Yeah! Thank the essential workers.’ __Dawn__Amber__


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Source Reddit u/tupangina