What have we learnt during the pandemic? 12 funniest comments

Boris Johnson has urged people to be vigilant as he’s detected signs of a second wave of coronavirus in Europe, which is his way of saying “Look over there – a squirrel!”

Here are some funny people’s musings on everything that’s been going on with the pandemic and how it’s been handled.

1. You try to make masks more human and look what happens

2. Those government messages aren’t getting any clearer

3. For anyone …

4. The cat with coronavirus clearly wishes to remain anonymous

5. Some things never change – even in lockdown

6. People have no patience with the radical anti-maskers

7. This sad news from the West End seemed par for the course

8. Coughing has become anti-social behaviour

9. The anti-obesity message hasn’t gone down well with everyone

10. The anti-coronavirus “get fit” drive seems a bit too familiar

11. There’s an interloper on the Eat Out to Help Out list

12. The PM’s fat chat could do with some refining


What are people saying about the coronavirus? 13 funny favourites

Image @jonasvincentbe on Unsplash