Piper the finger-painting raccoon was good – but the comments made it even better

Tito the rescue raccoon – because that’s a thing – has his own very popular Instagram account, on which we can all enjoy his antics.

Here he is as a kit, back in 2017.

But the post that caught our attention was of another raccoon, Piper, who had taken rather well to finger-painting.

Just look at how pleased she seems.

The collection of Piper’s paintings made its way to Twitter.

Some people loved it.

And Declan Cashin made this excellent comment.

But this exchange was something else.

We’re not sure whether Justin Dude was being entirely serious.

But at least one person was sure he was.

This reply was the gotcha.

Game, set and match to Justin, we think.

But enough of that – let’s see some more raccoons.

Here’s Cheeto.

And another one of Tito, because it is his account.

If you want more of the good raccoon content, just head over to @titotheraccoon.


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