File this weird but funny 2012 Ragu advert under “What were they thinking?”

There have been plenty of weird and wonderful TV commercials over the years, and we’ve enjoyed many of them.

Who can forget Peter Kay‘s “top bombing” for John Smith’s, for example, or “We hope it’s chips, it’s chips”?

But this 2012 US ad for Ragu pasta sauce is – well, let’s just say it takes an interesting approach.

Reddit user rbeauche shared the link on the site, saying:

“Seems like an ill-advised way for a major company to sell pasta sauce. Didn’t think it through.”

Other Redditors weren’t so sure.

It was kinda funny

Effective commercial though because I still think about it years later.

Ah yes I always make spaghetti after a porn sesh. It’s tradition.

It seems that indiscreet parents might be a theme in American ads.

This reminds me of an old Tostito’s commercial. It was a kid showing off his drawings to his parents in the style of an art show.

He shows two, and he brings out the third one and goes “I call this one ‘Mommy and Daddy Wrestling'” And the parents go “OHH! Hey! We’ll hold on to this one.”

Might be something for Durex to consider.

Let’s face it, though – no matter how weird an advert gets, nothing is going to beat this:


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