Anti-masker takedown of the day

It’s mandatory to wear masks in shops in England now it’s required (and eminently sensible) to wear them in lots of other places too.

Except some people still don’t want to do it and boy do they love to tell everyone about it. Fortunately there’s no shortage of people around to put them in their place.

Like this person, shared by themaskedvillain on Reddit

‘Also, the mask isn’t just meant to protect against airborne particles. It helps you stop spreading yours. So you don’t get any illness on surfaces, which people wearing masks can touch and then get sick.’ Antipode-91

‘The stupidest thing is how stubborn these people are. They won’t listen to any reason or explanation, they just want to be right.’ mrsalierimoth

I get this feeling the person who wrote the sign would not care.’ Bokbreath

These are pretty good too …


Simply 13 perfect tweets for anyone who refuses to wear a mask in shops

Source Reddit u/themaskedvillain