The perfect response to anyone who suggests the pandemic response was an over-reaction

Along with people who worry lockdown restrictions might be being eased too early, there are a lot of people who think the lockdown was way over the top in the first place.

How, for instance, can a disease with a 1% mortality rate shut down an entire nation? Like the United States, for instance?

And this writer’s response went viral on Reddit because it’s so beautifully done.

Great work.

‘What 1% really means,’ said bobekyrant who shared it on Reddit.

‘I’m showing this to my dad. Maybe then he’ll actually wear his mask in public… (We got him a trump supporter mask so that might help too.😂)’ SecretlyRissa


A ‘born and bred Scotsman’ put these ‘Braveheart’ anti-maskers in their place

Source Reddit u/bobekyrant Image Pexels

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