14 of the funniest takes on living through a pandemic

The Chancellor’s mini budget has offered people the incentive of an up-to-£10 voucher off food for everybody on Mondays to Wednesdays throughout August, offset only by the possibility of catching Covid-19 as you eat your sausage toast – other snacks are available.

The quandary of whether to go out is just one of many pandemic topics keeping Twitter gripped.

1. The irony of this crash

2. There are some things we really miss

3. If someone gives you advice, ask what’s in it for them

4. We hope they don’t lose the cotton swab/strong>

5. The next generation of comedians is going to be brutal

6. The virus is separating the wheat from the chaff and whatever is smaller than chaff. Chaffette?

7. Anti-maskers aren’t doing anybody any favours