This lip-synch of Trump’s Lone Ranger comment is both hilarious and horribly accurate

With Donald Trump‘s core supporters being the most likely to resist wearing a protective mask, health officials have asked him to start wearing one in public to encourage an uptake.

Speaking to Fox Business, he explained that he quite likes how he looks in a mask.

This is someone in a black face mask.


This is the Lone Ranger.


His comments drew this reaction from the marvellous Bette Midler.

Now, another hugely funny woman, Sarah Cooper, has turned her laser-like focus onto his words, and he doesn’t come out of it very well.

As ever, Sarah’s interpretation of the President’s comment drew well-deserved admiration.

Finally, some food for thought when we see these word-perfect skits.

She has our undying gratitude – and sympathy.


“How to second term” is the lip-synch we actually did know we needed

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