Nigel Farage pictured himself at the pub and it was the ultimate self-own

Lots of people went to the pub on Saturday as you will no doubt have seen by now. Plenty of people observed all the rules and enjoyed a nice pint, others less so.

Among those making the trip to the boozer was Nigel Farage, who took great pleasure in posting this picture of his ‘first proper pint in 103 days’.

Except it’s not long ago that Farage was out of the country at a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa.

And people reckoned Farage could only have re-entered the UK 13 days ago at the earliest, which if correct would mean he broke rules requiring people to quarantine for 14 days by going to the pub.

Here’s what Farage said later.

But does it all add up?

And here’s Farage doing his best Alan Partridge impression talking about his day out.


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Images @Nigel_Farage