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This person’s obsession with blue cheese dressing is very odd (and oddly funny)

It started off as a perfectly innocent question about people’s favourite salad dressing and it ended with … an obsession.

‘Blue cheese has mold in it,’ said Arda6000 who shared it on Reddit.

‘What kind of blue cheese trauma has cathie experienced in her life?’ robocop_robocop

‘She’s probably just one of those contrarians who likes to ruin stuff for everybody. Today she must have found out that blue cheese has mold in it and has decided to show everyone the “shocking truth about blue cheese”, and how smart she is for figuring it out.’ PenguinPyramid

‘Cheese is literally curdled milk with a bacterial culture in it.’ _HossBonaventureCEO_

‘Blue cheese has mold in it.’ morningtrain


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Source Reddit u/Arda6000