11 favourite reactions to the oddities of the coronavirus crisis

We trawled through all the justifiably angry tweets about the coronavirus crisis to find the angry-but-funny tweets, and the simply funny ones.

You’re welcome.

1. We respect the message, but get it right, people

2. Local lockdowns are even weirder than we thought

3. The anti-maskers are struggling to pick a pose and stick with it

4. Not many of us are covering ourselves in glory

5. Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a plague …blah, blah, blah

6. Entrepreneurs gonna entrepren – or whatever it is they do

7. Top tip: Leave your cowboy-hat-wearing otter at home when you go shopping

8. Social distancing isn’t the only problem facing reopened businesses

9. Being coughed on by drunks isn’t everybody’s idea of a good time

10. Tag, Leicester – you’re it

11. Sometimes, the truth is funnier than fiction

Finally, we’re going to the pub when Jonathan Van-Tam does – not the same one, though. We’re not stalkers.


11 of the funniest tweets about how we’re handling the pandemic

Image Seb Patrick