This Yiddish face mask is selling like hot cakes because of a major spelling gaffe

When a crafter named Sue from the Etsy shop Tees Go Bling decided to create a mask specially for New York’s Jewish community, she probably should have found a Yiddish speaker/writer to help her out.

Instead of the Yiddish word shtark, the reversed word spelt a phonetic version of crotch.

You know what they say about good intentions.

One person on Twitter explained what “NYC crotch” might be.

Although Sue pulled the $15 masks from sale after users alerted her to the problem, she was astonished when people contacted her asking for them to reinstated.

To date, she has sold almost 11,000 of the “crotch” masks and has had to extend her delivery time to allow her to keep up with demand.

Customers have posted comments like these:

“You got to be in the know here to get the joke. Mask is ok, the joke is better!”

“Such a fun item and a great back story! For those with a sense of Yiddish humour, the perfect gift.”

“Very well made; and love the glitter (and the glitch)!”

The important thing, to most people, was Sue’s attempt to be inclusive.

“It’s always great fun to explain what the mask says but it’s even better to talk about the kind and thoughtful intentions that went into making the mask in the first place. I love this mask and wear it with joy and pride.”

That sounds like something we all need during a pandemic.


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