Lockdown laughs – 10 more things we’ve learnt about the pandemic

If you had “Leicester sent back into full lockdown” on your coronavirus bingo sheet – cross that bad boy off, because their spike is worse than your spike.

Elsewhere, people are gearing up for the pubs opening, because it takes a lot of prep to sit at home judging people from a distance.

To help you get into the right mindset, here’s some pandemic humour for you.

1. Not every country of the UK decided to try meaningless posturing as a coronavirus prevention strategy

2. Leicester’s having a hard time in more ways than one

3. We’ve learnt quite a bit about human nature – not all of it good

4. The English approach would be more at home in a travelling fairground than in parliament

5. Some safety measures might be a vast improvement on what went before

6. Pandemic fatigue is making some people pretty grumpy

7. If the man who thought up the safety measures can do it, so can everyone else. Right?

8. If you’re going to follow the guidance, follow it properly

9. The open pubs aren’t as tempting as some may think

10. Just wait till they get involved


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Image @unibridge_project on Unsplash