People love this letter Carl Reiner sent to a comedian replacing him at an awards do

The comedy legend Carl Reiner has died aged 98, prompting many tributes in honour of the writer, producer, director and great, great friend of Mel Brooks.

People were also sharing favourite clips from his films including The Man With Two Brains, The Jerk, and Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

This was also raising lots of smiles, a letter he sent to actor and comedian Jon Cryer after he filled in at an awards do which Reiner had hosted for many years.

‘The brilliant and hilarious Carl Reiner hosted the Director’s Guild awards for decades before his health forced him to take the night off,’ said @MrJonCryer on Twitter.

‘They asked me to sub in for him. Here’s the letter he sent me.’

Dear Jon

I thank you for filling in for me tonight. I wish with all my heart that you fail, or if you don’t, that you are no more than adequate. I don’t want to have to compete with you for this non-paying job.

Carl Reiner

For 22 years, the best host the DGA ever had.


And because you can’t have too many clips …

You really can’t have too many.


Hollywood comedy legend Carl Reiner has died aged 98 – all our favourite tributes

Source @MrJonCryer