“Why the Hell Did Lockdown Have to End?” is the most relatable song you’ll hear today

Irish comedy trio Foil Arms and Hog have kept us entertained with sketches throughout lockdown and now, as the gradual unlocking happens on both sides of the Irish Sea, they’ve come up with a song that perfectly expresses the feelings of every introvert.

“Now I’ll have to get dressed properly,
Which causes me anxiety.”

Tell us about it, mate.

YouTube users were feeling it too.

“I hate that now when I go out in public the public is actually there. What’s all that about??”
sophie searle

“We all know this is how everyone is actually gonna feel when lockdown ends”
Tom O’Brien

“I agree with every single sentiment in this song.”

Over on Twitter, Mike Sheridan had a plan.


“Black market lockdown haircut” is hilarious and very very relatable

Source Foil, Arms and Hog Image Foil, Arms and Hog