10 funny things people are saying about the new normal

If you go down to the beach today you’d better go in full hazmat suit …because social distancing has not only gone out the window but down the road, onto the strand and it’s coughing right in everyone’s face.

We doubt this lot will be grabbing their buckets and spades anytime soon, because they’re far too busy writing funny things for us to enjoy.

1. The latest advice on socialising

2. It’s always best to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle

3. Some chores aren’t worth the bother when you’re staying in anyway

4. Minimum effort is a lot smaller now

5. Some anti-viral measures look oddly familiar

6. Hand hygiene is a full-time job

7. There are advantages to wearing a mask

8. Some people are less well-adapted for the pandemic life

9. It’s been a looooong lockdown

10. A post-lockdown vocabulary is emerging

Finally, even if you’re staying locked down, it doesn’t have to feel that way.


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Image @vigneshmoorthy on Unsplash