English households can set up support bubbles with each other – 15 very funny reactions

Wednesday’s coronavirus briefing was, unusually, led by Boris Johnson.

Well, he had to get out of his pyjamas anyway, to do PMQs, so he probably decided to make a day of it.

We learnt a few things:

Zoos and safari parks can open, but not reptile houses because f_ck those slithery legless b_stards*.

The PM isn’t prepared to admit to a specific regret about the handling of the pandemic, despite Chris Whitty saying he regretted not getting testing underway sooner.

Single people can choose one other household with which to form a support bubble – even to the extent that they can stay in one another’s homes overnight.

*reptile houses are too indoorsy – unless you’re forming a support bubble with a rock python

People had a few things to say about the support bubble idea, and we really enjoyed these very funny ones.