Yorkshire Tea dunked on an anti-Black Lives Matter post and it was simply glorious

Like members of the public, a lot of companies have been sharing their support for the Black Lives Matter protests, which were triggered by the brutal killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis.

Laura Towler – a right-wing vlogger – spotted a company that hadn’t spoken out, and took to Twitter to praise them for it.

She spoke too soon.

Take a bow, that tea company.

Their reply had some people reaching for the tea bags – to bin them, and @thisislaurat wasn’t too happy about it either.

Her reaction drew support which only served to get another company to show its hand.

This screenshot shows the now-deleted tweet that brought PG Tips into the fray.

“Yorkshire Tea” and #solidaritea trended for several hours, with comments like these.

Finally, in case you were wondering which tea to buy …just for fun.


Yorkshire Tea’s takedown of a troll who wouldn’t let that Tory photo go is a very British triumph

Source Yorkshire Tea Image Twitter screengrab, @rumanamin on Unsplash

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