People have been sharing the adorably stupid things kids have done – these 14 are the best

We all do stupid things, but when kids do them, they’re kind of adorable.

The lovely lot over at Bored Panda gathered a load of posts about the weird and wonderful things kids have done, and we thought these had the potential to become absolute classics.

1. The kid who wanted to be trousers for Halloween


2. The 2020 Hide and Seek champion


3. The one who swallowed a penny to explain how they’d swallowed a key


4. This little brother who liked to be swung around in a pillow case


5. The one who’ll eat anything that comes out of a Taco Bell packet


6. The ones who invented “Coronavirus Tag”


7. Guess which one drew on the sleeping man’s face


8. The kid who believed that they had to wear this wig forever


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