10 things we’ve learnt from 10 weeks in lockdown

It’s ten weeks since the lockdown started and, contrary to fairly popular belief, it’s still a thing. This is what we’ve learnt from it.

1. People will always look for loopholes.

2. The dog years rule applies, so 10 lockdown weeks is like 70 normal ones.

3. We all do things we regret.

4. The people in charge don’t have all the answers – possibly not any of the answers.

5. Brands are running out of ways to make us want them again.

6. The loosening of restrictions could have repercussions.

7. Some things just don’t change.

8. We all have our own ideas about the exit strategy.

9. Virtual consultations come with their own set of problems.

10. We all appreciate things a lot more now.


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Image @geodays and @awcreativeut on Unsplash