Irvine Welsh’s response to the Pick For Britain Trainspotting rip-off was nothing less than it deserved

As we probably all know by now, British crops are at risk of rotting due to a shortage of people to pick them as the Eastern Europeans who usually do it are unable to travel.

Next year, they won’t meet the government’s lower earning threshold, but that’s another story.

To deal with the problem, there is a huge recruitment drive for a modern “land army” of pickers – as Prince Charles explained in a recent video, and this is one advert from that campaign.

There’s a TV ad, too – in much the same vein.

All a bit too reminiscent of this, from Irvine Welsh‘s brilliant “Trainspotting”.

The approach was viewed with a certain cynicism on Twitter.

Mitch Benn predicted a seismic reaction from the Trainspotting author.

He wasn’t wrong.

He went on to give his assessment of Pick For Britain, in characteristic style, and it’s a thing of scathing beauty.

Finally, a tweeter named Jon had a further point about the campaign.


This Trainspotting lockdown parody is so good it got Irvine Welsh’s seal of approval

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