If anyone can beat the expiry date on this grandma’s salt, we’d like to see it

In the lockdown lots of people have ended up exploring the far recesses of their kitchen cupboards and finding stuff that is well past its use by date.

But surely no-one is going to beat this.

‘It was my grandma’s 95th birthday so I cooked for her,’ said yu/cswimc over on Reddit.

‘I asked her where she kept the salt and she said “I barely use salt, but if it’s there, it’s way in the back of the cabinet.” It turns out the only container of salt she has is dated from 1965!!! It worked, and salt doesn’t really expire!’

Here’s the salt.

And here’s the expiry date.

And just in case that’s tricky to read, it’s 11 July 1965 (or is it ’85?). It’s fair to say a few things have happened since then.

Here’s a bit more of what u/cswimc had to say about it.

‘Firstly, I didn’t expect this to blow up as it did! Since this wasn’t a text post and I can’t add an ‘edit’ to it, here is some context:

‘Why was this funny? Because I couldn’t believe that something from 1965 (or maybe 85 as others have pointed out) would still be good to use. All I know is I laughed, and if you don’t think it’s funny, it’s okay! No need to get so salty about it!!!

‘Does it say 65 or 85? I’m not sure. It looks and looks like 65 to me but I could be wrong. I added some images so feel free to investigate. I was impressed by some of the work done already with the images.’

And our three favourite comments it prompted.

‘Gordon Ramsay wants to have a word with your grandma.’ BillsMafia607

‘It’s BLAAAND.’ gotham77

‘Put it online as “Vintage Salt” and someone would pay you a fortune I bet.’ Nadmania

But can you beat it?


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Source Reddit u/cswimc