Donald Trump thinks he was made Michigan’s Man of the Year but that’s not a real award

We don’t know if anyone still believes anything Donald Trump says, but if they do, this clip should give them pause for thought.

Trump certainly wouldn’t be Michigan’s Man of the Year right now, even if it existed, after threatening to pull state funding because officials sent out postal ballots for upcoming elections.

The President – of course – wants residents to risk catching Covid-19 by voting in person.

Here are a couple of reactions to the ridiculous claim.

However, there was a possible explanation for Trump initially believing he was Michigan’s Man of the Year.

CNN reporter Daniel Dale spoke to the former Republican Representative of Michigan, Dave Trott.

This is what Trott recalled.

At a 2013 Lincoln Day dinner, Trump made a speech in which he thanked the congressman for the Man of the Year Award.

Although he knew there hadn’t been an award, Trott didn’t want to embarrass the guest so he just said “Great speech.”

After thinking about how the misunderstanding might have happened, he could only conclude that the courtesy gifts Trump had been given at the dinner – “a statuette of Abraham Lincoln, a framed copy of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and a tie” had been mistaken for an award. Obviously.

Since he’s had seven years to double check his own story, it’s difficult not to come to a less generous conclusion than it being a misunderstanding.


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