Chris Pratt had a Parks and Rec moment with his emails – and it’s an emotional rollercoaster

If, for some bizarre reason, you’ve emailed actor Chris Pratt about anything – and you can DM us why, if you like – you should probably give up on getting a response.

He had really good intentions, as this Instagram post shows.

That’s not how it panned out, though.

from Chris Pratt GIFs via Gfycat

We recognise the look of sheer panic on his face when he realises what’s happening, but the turnaround to “Fresh start” was a bit faster than we’d have managed. But then, we also know about the “deleted items” folder.

Still, at least he’s entertaining people.

Hang on …Did we just get a new lockdown episode of Parks and Recreation?

from Parks And Rec GIFs via Gfycat


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