15 iconic horror characters brilliantly reimagined as IKEA instructions

Artist Ed Harrington is a master of presenting the familiar in an unexpected way. A few examples, plucked from his Instagram account, nothinghappenedtoday, illustrate [pun intended] this perfectly.

Freddy Krueger meets Edward Scissorhands

Snow White up close and personal with a facehugger

And this very different view of Piglet and Pooh

Ed is clearly drawn to the horror genre, a fact he confirmed during an interview with Bored Panda, who went on to share some of his latest collection of images – “IKEA Instructions” – a brilliantly creative set of iconic horror characters recreated in an IKEA style.

We decided to show you our favourites.

1. Gremlins

2. The Omen

3. Alien

4. Pet Sematary

5. The Lost Boys

6. The Fly

7. The Walking Dead

8. Ringu