The further into this house listing you go, the weirder it gets

We doubt that many people are seriously considering moving house right now – unless they have to – but anyone in the Pittsburgh area could do a lot worse than to consider this hidden marvel.

It looks a little bland from the outside …

But every step reveals some new wonder.

The lush garden with pool

The dated but unusual lounge

The spaceship dining room …wait, what?

Don’t forget the basement beach – obviously!

And the price? $159,900, which is about £131,000. That might get you a cupboard in London.

Middle-Aged Rust Belt Voter‘s post attracted a lot of attention, and comments like these.

Justis Mosqueda wasn’t that concerned with the spaceship aspect, or even the indoor beach.

For sale – house with pool and giant indoor kitty litter box.


This ‘unique’ property for sale went viral because its interior is so … extraordinary

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