People love this note slipped under a pianist’s door while he was practising

With lots of people spending much more time at home than they normally do, people with more determination than us are using the time to learn a musical instrument. And those that already play one have lots more time to practise.

When this person was playing the piano at home they assumed the note just slipped under their door was going to be someone complaining about the noise. Far from it, in fact, and people love it.

What a lovely little story, much appreciated after it was shared by u/internetsExplored on Reddit.

‘That’s so sweet! I practice piano every day and always worry that I’m annoying everyone. I’m so glad you’re appreciated!’ purpleblackgreen

‘One of my lovely neighbors sings karaoke almost everyday. Randomly requested that he sing “don’t stop me now”. He’s been on a queen streak all week.’ hehethatsawesome

‘Jealous of all you guys with your wholesome neighbors meanwhile my downstairs neighbors complain to management and pound angrily on the ceiling if I dare walk over to my fridge or bathroom after 10pm.’ DrakeFloyd


A lovely little practical joke if your neighbour’s security settings aren’t what they might be

Source Reddit u/internetsExplored