This dog’s super cautious after it ran into a glass door and it’s totally adorable

‘Awww’ moment of the week surely goes to this dog who’s got what you might call an abundance of caution after it once ran into a glass door.

Once you run into a glass door, you develop trust issues. from r/aww

Utterly adorable.

‘Knew someone who had a Great Dane who barreled into a kitchen with a freshly waxed floor. For the rest of his life he slowly backed into the kitchen.’ Wardencliff-Tower

‘My moms Great Dane fell down a couple stairs when he was a puppy and to this day, 6 years later, he takes each step very slowly lifting each leg as high as it will go and carefully placing it on the next step. That’s going down. Going up, it’s just 3 leaps up a full flight.’ SigourneyOrbWeaver

‘I love how with the golden retriever you can see how convinced he is that there’s an invisible force field in the kitchen somewhere. But he just can’t quite put his paw on it.’ Theoricus

‘Imagine slamming into a window nose first. I can’t blame him.’ IceNein


This good dog was caught in the act and the payoff is just perfect comic timing

Source Reddit yu/whutup007