The BBC’s Andrew Cotter commentating on a penguin race is the content we all need today

If you don’t follow @MrAndrewCotter already then you really should.

He’s the sports commentator who shares brilliant commentaries about his two dogs messing around in the woods and taking part in an ‘online company meeting’, that kind of thing.

But he doesn’t just do dogs, it turns out. The great man has also lent his voice to the fairy penguins of Phillip Island in a tie-up with Phillip Island Nature Parks and Visit Victoria in Australia.

And it’s a real treat.

Here’s what Cotter said in the Guardian.

‘I knew all about the penguins of Phillip Island before this and have visited Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road or Mornington Peninsula every year for the past 15 years. I love it all down there so this was a natural fit.’

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The BBC’s Andrew Cotter had an ‘online meeting’ with his dogs and it’s glorious

Source Guardian Image Andrew Cotter

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