Warning: Olaf Falafel’s Government COVID Slogan generator is highly addictive

You can’t have failed to notice the UK government’s latest Covid-19 advice slogan, with its distinctive green and yellow edging that’s giving people flashbacks to trying to wire a plug.

Here it is in all its glory.

Funky soundtrack.

Since it was unveiled at the weekend, it has been widely shredded online, with people coming up with their own versions.

If you fancy making your own poster but don’t have the photo-editing skills, then this is your lucky day, because the very talented Olaf Falafel has created a gif that generates them for you, at the click of a mouse.

We had to have a go, of course, so here are some we prepared earlier.

A lot of people have been enjoying Olaf’s handiwork, like these.

Finally, we aren’t saying the current policy smells of “I’m alright, Jack”, but …


“When your grandkids ask you about 2020” – Olaf Falafel has a song for that

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