A very satisfying takedown of this American ‘descendant’ of William Wallace

‘Dude try’s to claim William Wallace is his ancestor,’ says u/VicePrincipal over on Reddit and it’s a very satisfying (and comprehensive) rebuttal.

Yeah, but …

‘Years ago I went to the highland games in Loch Lomand and there was this older North American couple waiting near the Lairds house so they could give the Lairds son a birthday present. Apparently they came every year because they were distant relatives of the local nobility. I can’t remember them getting very close, it was super sweet in a way but a bit creepy.’ doessabre

‘That describes even the best intentioned of these weirdos. Not to be cruel but really: How empty and meaningless does your life have to be to suddenly base your whole personality around an estranged ancestry at 50 years old? Some old dead dude banging and bailing 500 years ago doesn’t make us family. Culture isn’t an inherited trait, blood doesn’t make you kin, and no I don’t want to reminisce with a complete stranger about people we never knew.’ vox_leonis


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Source Reddit u/VicePrincipal