When the parents take self-isolation a bit too literally

Irish sketch trio, Foil Arms and Hog, have been in overdrive producing really funny quarantine content, and this might just be our favourite.

It shows what happens when people take the self-isolation advice a little too far.

Here’s what YouTube users thought of it.

“A Tiktok in the Facebook” is painfully accurate, that is a quote straight from my grandmother 😂
Laura Preston

These quarantine sketches are mini-documentaries 😜

‘Can you tell me how to send a meme?’ reminds me of that time my dad asked me how much it costs to send a selfie.

Amelia Ford explained why she doesn’t have to go through this.

My gran can’t even do a video call on whatsapp so we don’t have to have these conversations
Amelia Ford

She’s probably too busy cooking next-door’s cat.


“Trying to get old people to stay in” is the funny but frustrating truth

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