17 people (probably) having a worse lockdown than you

Quarantine can be difficult for everyone from time to time, if not permanently. Some people, however, have had reaaally bad moments that make the rest of us glad we aren’t them.

The lovely bunch over at Bored Panda gathered a lot of tragic images of lockdowns gone wrong, and we picked our favourites.

1. Always check the washing instructions on your favourite jumper

2. This cat flap DIY fail

3. Bad time for the clippers to break


4. The NSFW post wasn’t as discreet as it should have been

5. The Roomba found the dogsh*t

6. How hard is it to wash printer ink off?

7. The birthday cake that looks like an arsehole

8. When your laptop dies just as your uni course goes online

9. These kids waiting for the school bus on April Fool’s Day