There are 16 circles in this image and it’ll properly mess with your brain (it’s called the ‘Coffer Illusion’)

Here’s a great little optical illusion that is proving popular on Twitter. There are 16 circles in this image – it’s known as the ‘Coffer illusion’ – but they’re difficult to spot, very difficult to spot.

Except, once you’ve seen them, it’s all you can see!

‘This is called the ‘Coffer Illusion’. In the image there are 16 circles. Can you see them?’ asked @berniespofforth.

‘The illusion works because of our brain’s tendency to want to see closed shapes, and because of its interpretation of the vertical versus the horizontal stripes.’

Got ’em yet?

But only click on this link if you really, really can’t see them.


This optical illusion is blowing everybody’s minds

Source Twitter @berniespofforth