This is what happens when Banksy has to work from home

When the government said anyone who can work from home should do so, we presumed they meant office workers, writers, most teachers and even MPs, but we didn’t expect it to apply to Banksy.

The artist, who generally works in secret on the street, posted these images to his Instagram account with the words:

“My wife hates it when I work from home.”

We can only hope he warned his wife about the plan, and didn’t just do it during the night in secret like he usually does.

Instagram users loved it.

So did Twitter.

Someone named dwendysaelmans had this to say.

“I absolutely love this….it has just totally made me giggle for minutes and minutes…..feel sorry for your wife!! but …. I love that little guy running on the toilet roll!!! and the little guy in the mirror counting down…. I think you should come to New Zealand!”

Maybe not at the moment though, eh?


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