These letters between an isolating 93 y/o and his 5 y/o neighbour are today’s loveliest thing

Amid the gloom there are lots of little rays of light.

And sometimes there’s a big ray of light, like this exchange of letters between a 93-year-old grandad who is self isolating at home, and his 5-year-old neighbour.

It went viral on Twitter after it was shared by @hey_im_ginger who said: ‘My grandad is 93 and currently in isolation of course – but is in very good health – and he has received the most beautiful letter from his 5-year-old neighbour and he wrote back to her. Just please read, it should make you smile.’

Here’s the little girl’s letter.

‘Hello my name is Kiran. I am 5 years old. I have to stay at home because of the coronavirus. I just wanted to check to see if you’re okay? I have drawn you a rainbow to remind you that you are not alone. Please write back if you can. From your neighbour at number 9.’

And the grandad’s reply.

‘Hello Kirah. I was so pleased to receive your message asking about my well being and I am pleased to say I am keeping well so far. Like you I am in isolation, so it was so nice to hear of your concern for me. My name is Ron and I am 93 years old, I was the first person to move into the crescent in 1955 and I have been here ever since.

‘The situation with the coronavirus is very bad and we must all do our very best to overcome it and hopefully come out of it in good health again. I thought your drawing of the rainbow was amazing and I am going to place it in my window for people to see. I would like to thank you again for writing to me and hope you will be able to be out of isolation soon. From Ron at No 24.’

And we weren’t the only ones to get a little misty eyed reading that.

To conclude, this …


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Source @hey_im_ginger