Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight played on cupboard doors is the video we didn’t know we needed

Online distractions have probably never been more important than they are now, as so many of us are trapped indoors self-isolating.

We’re hugely grateful to the content creators performing stand-up from their living rooms, hosting live quizzes, recording funny sketches and *checks notes* using kitchen cupboard doors and drawers to recreate the most famous drum fill in pop.


##boredinthehouse ##intheairtonight ##drumsolo ##foryoupage ##fyp ##foryourpage @freckledrealtor

♬ original sound – hazrit19

And there you have it – one of the greatest things we’ve seen on TikTok.

People have been sharing it to the ever-hungry content consumer that is Twitter, where it’s been viewed almost two million times in less than two days.

We agree with Anne. Not sure what Phil Collins thinks, though.


This video of a deer perfectly paired with In The Air Tonight is the LOL you need right now

Source @frankandtracy Image @frankandtracy