An artist has been reimagining famous artworks with a quarantine theme

Many of our public spaces seem eerily deserted at the moment, as people remain in quarantine either to avoid contracting or spreading Covid-19. Or, if they live in Llandudno – to avoid goats.

Artist Jose Manuel Ballester has reimagined some of the most famous artworks with quarantine in mind, and they’re quite amazing.

1. The Last Supper, da Vinci

2. The Birth of Venus, Botticelli

3. Las Meninas, Velázquez

4. Guernica, Picasso

5. The Third of May 1808, Goya

6. The Allegory of Painting, Vermeer

7. Christ Crucified, Velázquez

8. The Raft of Medusa, Géricault

If you thought artworks looked weird with the people removed, take a look at these usually packed spaces.


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