This old Peep Show clip went viral because it totally nails our lockdown feelings right now

This old Peep Show clip went viral because it absolutely nails how so many of us are feeling right now (and very possibly the discussions we are having at home – or in our head).

‘We’re in the netherzone, yeah? Time moves at a different speed in the netherzone, we need to relax.’

‘You can’t relax. We’ve got to fight, worry, speculate, cut, paste, swear …’


‘Because it’s an emergency and in an emergency you watch breaking news and you count your tins of butter beans. You don’t sit in the garden and put on Kiss FM.’

‘Dude we are here for the duration, let’s chill out.’

‘We have an obligation to be anxious, it’s a mark of respect for the gravity of the situation.’

‘Let’s get to know each other.’

‘Oh for god’s sake.’

Only one question remains. Which one are you – Mark or Jeremy?


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