Sam Neill’s quarantine updates have made us love him even more

Quarantine is going to be different for everyone. For example, Prince Charles isolating from Camilla at Balmoral is a very different story to someone living in a flat with three kids and a dwindling supply of patience.

Sam Neill, however, was always going to do quarantine well, because the man’s so laid back he’s virtually horizontal. Here are a few posts he’s shared so far that prove it.

How to deal with any extra time you might have.

Be practical.

His dinner troubles have never been more relatable.

Anyone for love poetry?

He’s providing wine tips.

There was this update on the behaviour of his beloved pig, Angelica.

Best of all, perhaps, is his decision to take up the ukulele again.

We’re not sure how well the rest of us would cope if we were quarantined with a ukulele player, but it’s a welcome diversion as long as we can choose when to hear it.

If you don’t follow him already, do it now – he’ll be good for your blood pressure.


Nothing to see here – just Sam Neill doing yoga with his pig

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