Bob Mortimer’s new Train Guy sketch is another mini masterpiece

Bob Mortimer‘s Train Guy sketches are one of the highlights of Twitter, and we look forward to each new one. Here he is in a new offering, mocking the ever-present Colin about his bracelet.

Now that most of us are avoiding the morning commute, these sketches have taken on a whole new dimension with nostalgia for a time when we’d have been okay with sitting fairly close to a fellow traveller. Maybe not that fellow traveller.

Here’s how people have been reacting.

We can all now get that Train Guy ambience whenever we want, because someone has made a soundboard of many of his words, phrases – and even some joyful noises.

We’re very much on board with writer Sinéad Gleeson‘s plea.

Over to you, Bob.


Bob Mortimer and Matt Berry took Train Guy straight off the rails

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