BBC Dad and the kids who videobombed him were back on TV – and they’re still full of mischief

None of us can forget the moment that the BBC’s South Korea correspondent, Professor Robert Kelly, was interrupted by his two adorable children and his frantic wife. Nor would we want to.

Here’s how it went down.

Professor Kelly was dubbed BBC Dad, and the moment is undoubtedly one of the best videobombs in TV history.

Such was the internet’s investment in his family, that when he recently appeared to talk about Covid-19, everybody was far more interested in the door – which disappointingly remained firmly closed.

In a twist we didn’t see coming – because that’s how twists work – the Covid-19 quarantine has given us the gift of another glimpse of the children, Marian and James, as Professor Kelly and his wife, Kim Jung-A, discussed the challenges of being in lockdown.

We’re delighted to see that the children have retained their lively spirits. Presumably far more delighted than the parents who are stuck indoors with them.

Needless to say, their reappearance has been big news for their devoted Twitter audience.

This reaction from Paul Schofield is incredibly relatable. Keeping up with the Kellys FTW.

Never mind these people clamouring for video updates from the Queen – this is our royal family now.


That BBC News interview interrupted: the sequel!

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