This young goalkeeper’s solo practice hack went viral because it’s simply ingenious

As most children are now being home-schooled* and aren’t allowed to play out, it can be difficult for some of them to keep on top of their usual sports routines.

*watching television and playing on the Playstation

One youngster, Nathan, the son of journalist, Sarah-Jayne Tobin, found a fairly ingenious way around his particular problem.

People were both impressed by his ingenuity and skill. These were some of the best comments we saw.

When everyone’s out of quarantine, Nathan’s going to have some illustrious training buddies, such as Manchester United’s midfielder, Juan Mata Garcia.

And Watford’s goalkeeper, Ben Foster.

However, for a Leeds United fan, this must have been the best response.

We’ll watch out for him on the sports pages in about eight years or so.


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