The only 6 killer reactions you need to Trump’s plan to end the US lockdown

Trump’s coronavirus response has flip-flopped more times than a fish on a quay, from being sure that Covid-19 was less to worry about than the flu, to warning people that it was an unprecedented crisis and to now insisting that it can’t take precedence over the economy.

This tweet was very telling.

It seems that far from assessing the situation, he plans to begin removing restrictions and getting the US back to work.

The announcement hasn’t gone down well with experts, or anyone apart from rich Trump supporters.

These responses really tell it like it is.







This can be the campaign poster to persuade the public to get back out there.

Political commentator Tea Pain had a suspicion about an ulterior motive.

Good luck to the 73-year-old unfit man who likes handshakes in avoiding the deadly virus.

This tweet from Hillary Clinton boiled the situation down to its essence.


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