9 signs you might be a covidiot

The outbreak of Covid-19 has introduced us to some new or unfamiliar words and phrases, such as:

Government-mandated exercise

PPE – personal protective equipment

Social distancing

But the one we like best is covidiot, n. a person behaving like an idiot in relation to the Covid-19 crisis.

Do you know a covidiot? Are you a covidiot? Check this handy guide to learn the signs.

1. Comparing the virus to war

2. Hoarding


3. Putting profits first

4. Ignoring social distancing

5. All the conspiracy theories

6. Downplaying the virus

7. Spreading rumours

8. Flouting specific instructions not to travel to rural areas (and to self-isolate for 7 days when symptoms appear)

9. Using the outbreak as an excuse for racism

This last one applies to a select few, but it’s a definite sign of covidiocy, nonetheless.

Sending mixed messages when you’re in charge of a country’s response.

Stay home. Stay safe. Don’t be a covidiot.


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Image @introspectivedsgn on Unsplash