This so-called influencer’s attempt to get a free portrait takes the breath away

We’ve featured more than a few choosy beggars on these pages – basically, people trying to get stuff on the cheap, or on the free – but this artist’s exchange with a so-called influencer really does take the breath away.

Got us hot under the collar just by reading it.

‘My friend got shorted by a pretty major influencer,’ writes The_amazingluke over on Reddit.


‘The “how dispensable you are to me” part made it sound like he was Voldemort lol’ loadurbrain

‘What a piece of shit. Plus they are acting so high and mighty with 240k followers. If that is your entire business that isn’t even that great.’ DrakeConnoway

“There is no need for me to pay you” ?! FOH.’ SunshineInAJar

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Source Reddit u/The_amazingluke