This simple request for a recipe didn’t go at all as expected

Good man of his parish*, Sir Michael, likes to get involved in Facebook groups and chat rooms, like this one for sharing recipes.

*Internet-based comedian

He very kindly stepped in when someone had a question. Unfortunately, his contribution probably wasn’t as useful as the group would have liked.

And this is how that exchange went.

The question came from somebody named Cath.

It looked like Michael would be able to help.

But there were other issues to sort first.

Michael kindly decided to quench the group’s curiosity, although not about the chops.

Cath brought him back on topic.

Tensions were mounting, but Michael had more family history to share.

Frustrations spilled over.

So Michael told them everything he knew about his uncle’s chop recipe.

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Here’s what Twitter had to say about the whole thing.

One person asked for a recipe.

Good luck with that.


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Source Sir Michael Image Sir Michael, @alexmunsell on Unsplash